If you’ve found your way here it’s probably because I’ve shared something with you containing this link. Hopefully this website will give you a feel for my career and interests, but if you’d like a more formal CV then please just get in touch.

About Me

I’m a marketer in the B2B tech space, working across strategic sales and marketing to help businesses launch new products and expand into new markets.

I’ve worked with business leaders from small, privately owned companies through to multi-billion pound Times ‘Top Track 100’ and ‘Tech Track 100’ organisations. It’s enabled me to blend commercial, marketing and project management disciplines in amazing sectors like telecommunications, fintech, financial services, insurance, law, pharmaceuticals, and even high net worth markets.

My Focus

I love taking things that are unstructured and creating formality around them – whether that’s creating go-to-market strategies, building value propositions, product marketing, conducting detailed market analysis, or designing campaign strategies. For me it’s about the journey to what we create and the difference that makes to those who buy from us.

I’m content-driven as I believe it’s the best way to add value to your audience and build relationships, and have written on topics including telecoms, regulatory compliance, fintech, cyber security, IT and more. My work has been featured in national publications, and I’ve written numerous whitepapers and research reports used by sales teams and campaigns to inform and convert customers.

People I’ve Worked With

I’ve worked with some brilliant people. Here’s what some of them have to say.

“I have seen Si convert the most complex ideas and unpolished text into clear and simple messages that attract customers. He produces the highest quality of work in challenging business environments that require quick, strategic thinking and full adaptability.”

Dr Ewa Halliday – Head of Operations, Radius Payment Solutions

“Si is a do-er. He gets things done, is creative and focused. I would recommend Si to any potential employer that is looking for a strategic marketing lead that delivers results.”

William Linard – Head of Sales, Luminet


I’m not big on badge collecting, and I view certifications simply as a by-product of gaining valuable knowledge across relevant disciplines that enable me to perform better, stay on top of evolving trends, and add value.


I often get asked to consult for companies for specific projects they’re working on. Often my schedule means this isn’t something I can partake in, but welcome the opportunity to discuss what people are working on, and I’m always willing to offer any advise or make any introductions, so feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Other Stuff

Some of the best experiences and senses of achievement I’ve enjoyed have come from things I wouldn’t have guessed and don’t get paid for.

Getting In Touch

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, or get in touch through the contact page and I’ll get back to you!