Vintage Bikes

I like old, organic stuff, and I’m quite nostalgic about my 80’s youth. So once my kids learnt to ride bikes I figured I should probably buy one just to keep up with them at the weekends.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get excited at the thought of riding a mountain bike on West London pavements, and felt there was an opportunity to do something a little different. So on a late night Google spiral I decided to buy a 1980’s BMX as a ‘winter project’. Within a week I had tracked down a vintage Mongoose Supergoose from September 1985 and spent the following five months restoring it to its former glory.

It was a great opportunity to get my hands dirty with a type of project I had never undertaken – it was rewarding and frustrating in equal measure, but it’s a lot of fun going on bike rides at the weekends. You get a blend of forty-somethings asking “is that a Supergoose, I had one of those” and high school kids going “oi mate, what’s that?!”

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